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How it works

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The research phase

We test product propositions on target users. Then we analyse the results, discuss, and design a 4D2L plan.

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The making phase

We spend 4 days off-site, in a multi-skilled team, designing and building a prototype, ready for testing.

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The validation phase

This is where we test and validate. We decide how to push forward, armed with real customer feedback.

Case studies

Clubcard tool

Tesco wanted to create a new online tool for Clubcard customers.Initially, Mint produced six propositions for user testing. 4D2L team members included Tesco, Dunnhumby and Mint, and the four days were spent working together to build on lessons learned from the proposition tests and create one prototype. Tesco were delighted with the results and the entire 42DL process.

Compressed decision making leads to clarity about proposition. Jane Honey, Head of My Data, Tesco From a 4D2L in July 2013 Picture of Jane Honey
Tesco colored illustration Tesco black and white illustration
Purple Ninja

Youth charity vInspired asked Mint to create a site that would inspire 12-13 year-olds to get their first taste of volunteering. After two weeks of proposition testing, Mint and vInspired used 4D2L to collaboratively build the core of the Purple Ninja experience. The platform encourages kids to do real-word missions by providing online and offline rewards.

Vinspired screenshot

Illustrations inspired by the brilliant work of Hey Studio.

It's quite a thrill and addictive, seeing things happen so quickly. Hannah Mitchell, Head of Knowledge and Innovation, vInspired From a 4D2L in March 2013 Hannah Mitchell picture
Purple Ninja colored illustration Purple Ninja black and white illustration is a cardboard avatar creation platform, invented and prototyped in 2011, as part of Mint’s annual product development retreat (a hack-a-thon fuelled by fine dining, sleep deprivation, and rather a lot of beer). was our first Kickstarter success story.

Foldable me screenshot smashed its Kickstarter funding target by 1000%

Kickstarter logo
Foldable me colored illustration Foldable me black and white illustration

Universal Music challenged Mint to build a prototype for Pin Radio, an embeddable music player. The prototype was designed and built from scratch over four days in a mixed team made up of two Mint designers, two Mint developers, and three product innovation people from Universal.

Music player for Universal
Being part of every step of the process ensured we came out with the best possible product. Innovation Team, Universal Music UK From a 4D2L in October 2013 Innovation Team picture
Universal colored illustration Universal black and white illustration

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